A simple celebration of our daughter turning ten.

I’ve found myself studying mothers and fathers just a few years in front of my steps. I watch their pride swell as the ones they held hands of and tucked in bed with stories now bound forward in freedom fueled by dreams, independent.
I feel the invisible tension of time as limbs extend and horizons expand and moment by moment children are transformed into adults, pulled one discovery at a time, metamorphosing step by step, mistake by triumph by miracle into a wider world they’ll make their own.
It’s a privilege I don’t take for granted;
I never could’ve imagined this adventure of watching my children grow. See, it was an unparalleled gift to meet them. That chapter of becoming a mother, sentences of holding them new against my chest, navigating all it took to nourish their tiny bodies and all the tears and pain and delight along the way-
it was all God breathed grace.
But starting to turn the page now into this chapter of of my story where I now get to know these spectacular human beings? Where I get to nurture their hearts and marvel at their minds and step back and watch the art that is the way they live? No words can express this humbling honor.

Personalallison french