Big sister Millie and her precious new baby brother.

They are exactly two years apart. Just like mine, eight years ago. Life only speeds up from here. So I know firsthand how true the saying is, “full hands, fuller heart”. Despite the cliche, I like that one so much more than bittersweet warnings about these fleeting days and how they’re gone too soon. I like to think of it all being just the way it should be - seasons bringing the planting and blooming and fruit and harvest, all in its appropriate time. That the beauty now is only a seed. And that with careful tending, through the heat of summers and the gray of winters, that which we nurture will come to fruition. That they’re not ours to keep, but with wonder and gratitude and fullness, to send out. And as pebbles make waves to fill waves, they’ll carry kindness and mercy and Truth forward and onward. What a great honor this chapter is.