True and pure and lovely backyard, sink bath and bedtime goodness.

Sometimes I make things that literally make my heart ache for the beauty of it. Rainbows fill my eyes in simple things, winking of light through dirty window panes, dances within the swoop of a mother arms outstretched for her heart in curls and stained cotten, muddy knees and grimy hands paint are masterpieces and memories. This was one of those times that my heart swelled at the symphony before me.
Because we all know life isn’t that simple. It’s complicated and messy and unfair. Layers of dynamics cover years unseen and hurts swept over because it’s all so busy and people need us. And we’re just trying desperately to make our way while the world seems to turns colder by the day.
But we don’t give up, we choose not to let our hearts fail. There are streams in the wilderness, rivers in the wasteland. Mercy is new with each sunrise, and goodness is being made perfect by the refining fires. And so we are not moved by the storms. We remain strong, steadfast in joyful, fervent love because of this anchor for our souls, Hope.
This family film is a tribute to that which is true and pure and lovely.