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Morning traditions of donuts and the market and flowers.

It all started when there were newly three.And sleepy eyed and poured out she'd hand a milk crusted babe, warm from the dark hours of heart against heart snuggling to her reaching, eager papa. And then they'd set off, a daddy and his girl, greeting the day together in the sunshine, gifting mama just a few more minutes of rest for her day. They'd come back with fresh things, delight from the Kansas plains, but the thickness of aromas and songs of greetings from farmer faces more familiar every week quickly became the harvest most treasured. And so a rhythm of three has become a tradition for four as they all find their way together, the way they love and laugh and soak up life in the most rich ways. And these are image are made for them, for the mornings that have already become memories, and the joy of the days ahead. See sweet Nora Ann's newborn photographs here.And again as a babe here.

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