Bo + Niki + The Arrival of Kalina Liette. Kansas City Birth Photographer.

In witnessing the magnificence of a soul entering earthside, I so often am simply an invisible observer.And I was that night. In awe, I passed into the glory before me, as this woman who in bringing her daughter into the world pressed through and conquered every limitation her body told her existed and held her back, all while held in the arms of the man she's loved from the beginning, as he breathed for her, into her the belief and hope she needed in every swell, every minute, every hour.

But then, as the night waned and a morning untouched by dawn was birthed, there was a time where I was gifted moments of setting camera aside. Loving this family as blood, I was brought into their story. The darkness had closed in, and I joined those speaking light upon her strength. She herself had been born for this, I reminded her, her body formed intricately with perfection to nurture. Her whole life was threaded with resilience and courage, for this. 

I spoke what I saw, that she was surrounded by those who knew her, understood her, were for her. And the man devoted to her, delighted by her, had created with her. Together, they would bring their flesh, the completeness of them, the heart known only from within now warm and gasping in life, beating outside held within their arms, because of what she and only she could and would do. And then as the sun whispered promise, newness and wonder, she was theirs. And just as she, named for crowns of flowers, was crowned by grace and joy, they were crowned by her. See the film of Kalina Liette's arrival and the New Birth Company of Overland Park here.

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