Clay + Navina + The Arrival of David Claybourne Garrett V. Kansas City Birth Photographer.


Dawn broke and dimmed again. Dusk closed in around her yet again as she grasped at strength not known until then. The work ahead through the night, into another day was only hers. And yet, through it all, she was not alone; she was never alone.

Her advocate, her love adored her in every moment. Eager and ready he traced her features, laced her fingers, breathing her in each moment. His tenderness was her resilience, his knowledge her calm, and he was who she looked to. Her people, her troops surrounded her, from six states they had gathered, to champion and welcome the one they would call their own. Out of legacy, the blessing was prepared, sweetness ready to be touched to his lips. Together they would bring this son into the world that would never be the same.

And then, more than a day after he began his entrance, mother exhausted beyond what she knew to be human capability, spirit spent in the rawest sense of sacrifice, father eyes and heart full only for his family, they held their son, eight pounds twelve ounces of longed for wonder, David Claybourne Garrett V.

He was theirs. And they were his.

And I, tears in eyes, had witnessed a miracle.

To see the film of his arrival, see the link here. 

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