Dan + Laurisa + The Arrival of Lennon Jean. Kansas City Birth Photographer.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.Proverbs 13:22

She is a dream they didn't know existed. In unmistakably divine timing from the beginning, she brings joy to a family who, despite deep heartache, grasps hope. Through darkness, they have chosen light. Facing their storms, they have not hidden, but lifting their gaze, have embraced their story and sing of Life and Goodness and Healing.

I had been there two years ago when she was tummy round before. I had stayed with her through the night, documenting her strength, their love, the welcome of their second daughter. And here they were again. Time, extended by longing, had passed from when they expected her. Many a night the swells would rise and they would prepare. And then, hours would come and go and, yet, she would linger. Then, nine days later, she began her entry in urgency. The sun set, and with kissed lips, her two older sisters were tucked under covers. Clouds were gathering. And within a single moment, this mother, this woman of resilience like most will never know, began her work. A call was placed, within a few minutes they were on their way. It was 9:30pm. As the darkness gathered, they were waiting, for those who would bring their daughter in the world, for the daughter who would complete their heart in a way they didn't even realize they needed.

Walking in, she was determined. Without hesitation she settled in for what she must do. It was just about 10:00pm. Those around her moved quickly, a new soul was entering the world. And then, long before even an hour had even passed, warm life was in their arms. The third of their daughters, the third of what they together had created, a gift from the beginning, at 10:22 pm, writing her own unique story as her family always has,

Just as her name means, their dear one, their cherished hope, fulfilled.

See the film of Lennon Jean's arrival here. Find Allison Corrin Photography on Facebook here.

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