Jonah + Andrea + Welcoming Levi Bear.

I see myself as a storyteller,reminiscing and relishing the everyday moments alongside the monumental, recounting wonders and gifts too easily forgotten callous by in all our busy and urgencies. I couldn't be more humbled by this honor. But when these stories collide with my own narrative, that is everything.

Like when my baby sister birthed her third child, a boy. And the brother I never had by blood, now by marriage but more by devotion, held his first-born son. Telling their story, documenting their history is blessing upon blessing.

Because his girls adore their father with wide eyed wonder. And he is, wholly and completely, theirs. His wife, my sister, my love, we call her Twinkle because she's always shone, but there's a special place in the light of her eyes for him. We share so much of our daily with these four, living life beside and intertwined in the learning and journey. In fact, my Twinks, she and I have shared three pregnancies together, our children born within hours and days of each other three times over now. So this time, six days after our own babe's welcome, I  was there once again when their us grew yet again.

Their family is unfettered in their freedom, contagiously alive in their walk it hasn't seemed anything could be more complete.

But then her waiting was accomplished, her work done, and skin to skin, her son's heart beat next to hers, and he, after so much patience, reached for his child, his son, his dream, folded himself tender around pink newborn skin, eyes full of what would be. And, promised dream fulfilled, Levi Bear was here and theirs. And the radiance, the joy, the peace was breathtaking.

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