When sweet Indiana met hours-old baby sister Corliss.

Tucked within secret, sacred places of my heart are the minutes no one witnesses but me. Those dark, first nights in quiet, tumbling further in love with the one created from my body, knit within now flesh within my arms. Complete reliance pressed against my skin, shifting pains to give myself even more to the one who has my life already. They're tender hours, irreplaceable joys made deeper through the sacrifice and blurriness of poured out exhaustion and vulnerability. Thus, being asked to document this segment of time for another family was a treasured honor. Swollen eyes and IV lines still fresh, this mamas arms now matched her heart, full, and, oh, so blessed. This is the day her daughter, Indiana, met baby sister, Corliss.

Introducing Corliss Quincy from Allison Corrin on Vimeo.






kansascitybirthphotographer_0032kansascitybirthphotographer_0033kansascitybirthphotographer_0034kansascitybirthphotographer_0035kansascitybirthphotographer_0036kansascitybirthphotographer_0037kansascitybirthphotographer_0038kansascitybirthphotographer_0039kansascitybirthphotographer_0042kansascitybirthphotographer_0043kansascitybirthphotographer_0044kansascitybirthphotographer_0046kansascitybirthphotographer_0047kansascitybirthphotographer_0048kansascitybirthphotographer_0049kansascitybirthphotographer_0050kansascitybirthphotographer_0051kansascitybirthphotographer_0052kansascitybirthphotographer_0053kansascitybirthphotographer_0054kansascitybirthphotographer_0055kansascitybirthphotographer_0056 With my second baby I knew I wanted a different but equally special experience that I did having my first born 2 years ago. I had a friend that not only got beautiful birth photography done by Allison, but she had her come in her home for a lifestyle session too. So I immediately knew I wanted her as our photographer. I was so in love with the Fresh 48 idea and having Allison capture the first moments of our family of four together.

It was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. Allison gave such good, relaxed direction and you can tell she is also an awesome mama as she handled my rambunctious toddler with ease! I have treasured every photo of our little family and I hope someday my daughters, Indiana, and newest girl, Corliss, can look back and love the sweet memories Allison captured for us.




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