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Four little girls on the sunshine sand of the salty sea.

"There are many firsts, but this one was perfect."She said, eyes full of the man who loved the sisters that were their life. Not even a year ago I watched the two of them grow even more as one as their Amyann Joy was born, and admired the three sisters as they became four. Together they are strength and tenderness and steady and laughter and though every one of their together moments is beautiful, these days now hold some of the richest treasures of their heart. Because we all know most days don't look like this. We all know these kind of memories take putting in the overtime and saving and configuring and preparing. And then suitcases don't zip and plans get changed and time zones are different and the weather,'s the weather. But somewhere in all this salt, is that which glistens, gifted by the One who created it all. Who watches us with the same enamorment we feel holding those we've birthed against ourselves. And these four little girls, they reached with abandon for their daddy, hugged his neck tight, lost themselves in his arms and covered him with kisses. But he leaned that much closer. And still he is only a reflection. Of the good Father who smiled on their wonder, their delight, and blessed their first trip together as six. This is the destination: adventure film and photographs of four little girls on the sunshine sand of the salty sea. Made on the shores of Marco Island, Florida, this is a family film from Allison Corrin Photography in Kansas City.

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