Andrea + Family. Kansas City Family Lifestyle Photographer.

May all your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.

It's how she's always done things. Paving her own path, blazing her own trail. We called her "Twinks" as a child, short for "Twinkle"; she was our star. We still do sometimes, because she still is always our star.

Uninhibited by comparisons, unfettered by expectations, she is, with stars in her eyes, independent and strong. Fate unfolds in her favor as she simply does, lives, conquers, shines.

But years ago she met another rock. The tender man who swept her off her feet, won her heart and drew her baths. When he wrapped his arms around her, he was a boy but together they've grown up because he's been the one she never knew she needed and she the one he's always wanted. She loves the man who set his gaze on her and wouldn't let her go.

Two mighty, unswayable beings on their own, but now, together, through the years they've carved the beginnings of their story. And, as they live their story, as they raise their legacy of dreamers and conquerers in the next generation, their daughters, they they prove themselves just that much stronger as one, that much more destined for greatness in unity. Their joyous passion contagious, their committed zeal inspiring, they've dreamed of the crooked and navigated the winding but their trail will never be lonesome.

This is Andrea + Jonah + their family.

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