Jacob + One Year. Kansas City Family Photographer.

They look at him with a joyous wholeness.

A delight that's been embraced through the late nights and early mornings and all the unknowns in-between. He was their early Christmas gift just twelve short months ago, a lifetime though when it comes to growth. And with him was ushered the adventure that is parenthood.

And, oh, this confusing, completing, lonely, exhilarating, uniting journey… one only known fully by the one you created with. Some days are the milestone ones, the ones longed for and celebrated and full of song and laughter. But then there are those where daunting failure is the only thing consistent. "How have you made it through this first year," I asked, knowing full well my own peaks and valleys in the beginning, now, and yet respectful of the journey that is her own. So thankful to have witnessed their love, to document the story.

"God's endless grace." She answered, honestly, humbly.

Yes, that is just it. That is what they exude,

this remarkable, measureless, glorious grace.

It is fully theirs.

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