Kristen S. + Family. Kansas City Family Photographer.

She flies with her own wings.

It’s an impossible thing to wrap full breadth around light. It slips between fingers, caressing through embrace. It soars into corners where timid dark resides, where the uknown lurks and with warmth and boldness brings its shine, its knowledge, its unmatchable strength.

And so it is with Kristen + Matt + Grant. They three possess this light, they three shine this strength.

We went back to the spot their story began, with a giddy afternoon and burnt orange pumpkins and a hopeful question and an enthusiastic “yes” and their together dreams. We went back to the spot where they could have never guessed the twists, where they would have never wished the turns of their tale.

“We’re a different family than we would have been.”

She said with a resolve that had been earned, a strength earned through journey. Her joy was a grounded one, one fought for and worked for, one made beautiful through pain.

The last two years have been more than uphill for them. They’ve been dark and they’ve been tearful and they’ve meant loss. The days have been more of night; they’ve held the “for worse”, they’ve held the sickness, and still, even more, now one step of faith at a time on the other side, they choose the “cherish” from each day forward.

I couldn't help but, humbled, ask about what she's done, how she's pressed forward,  how she's balanced an accomplished, demanding, amazing career, her husband, her son, a devastating diagnosis, a how she ran a half marathon just a few weeks after completing her chemo, how she smiles, and, head thrown back in radiating confidence, laughs.

"There is so much hurt that comes with this journey of ours but also an immense amount of gratitude for what God has blessed us with, the second chances, the opportunity to live life with a different perspective, striving to bless others and be humble with the place that you are, right at that moment. Any blog, story, article, piece of social media that can touch other lives and make them aware that breast cancer does not discriminate and can hit anywhere at anytime, is fantastic in my eyes. Because, if me going through all this means I saved even one life, preserved one woman's life, by making her more in tune with her health and body, then it was certainly worth the struggle. Look your babies in the eyes and you will always have a perfect reason to do your self exam and age appropriate testing."

Even now, in a place of waiting, hoping, living day by day,

she, through scars, for others, shares.

With healing humility, carrying peaceful gratitude, in spreading strength, she lives.

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31.kristen_0001 kristen_0002 kristen_0003 kristen_0004 kristen_0005 kristen_0006 kristen_0007 kristen_0008 kristen_0009 kristen_0010

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