Mr. Adler + Six Months. Kansas City Children's Photographer.

It was over six months ago when I saw Hillary + Trent last. Radiant and waiting, they were expecting and in all of their dreaming and anticipation, they were beautiful. But, when we met up this time in the winds of change, amongst the whispers of the leaves’ holding fast, a sweet sense of settled completion sang as I witnessed them now as parents.

It’s a beautiful, unparalleled thing, this metamorphosis.

A fullness, that is earned with sleepless nights that come and go and run right into each other.

A maturity that's worked for through days of unknowns and unexpecteds and guessing and doubting.

A metamorphosis that is not only despite of but because of everything they thought it would be and it's not at all and yet so much more than they could have ever hoped for.

And then a revealing of two more greatly grateful of the other one, of two who have gradually become more firmly one, and have, in love, yielded to a deeper more beautiful appreciation of each quickly passing moment, thankful for the family they have created, thankful for the family they have become.

And, yet, in it all, they know that this is only the beginning of so much more to come.

This is Adler + his family. adler_0001 adler_0002 adler_0003 adler_0004 adler_0005 adler_0006 adler_0007 adler_0008 adler_0009 adler_0010 adler_0011 adler_0012 adler_0013 adler_0014 adler_0015 adler_0016 adler_0017 adler_0018 adler_0019 adler_0020 adler_0021 adler_0022 adler_0023

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