Jon + Erin + their Love Story. Kansas City Wedding + Engagement Photographer.


It’s said the night they promised each other forever, generations across the map cheered. See, it wasn’t a love story birthed overnight. No this one was was one beautified through years and through journey, one forged in friendship and grounded in meant-to-be. Grandparents plotting and best friends foretelling, it was everyone but them who knew what fate would bring.

But now, this day, the mother buttoned forty and more dainty white buttons. She brushed back the veil and brushed away tears to fill her eyes with her pride, her beauty, her joy, her daughter.

And on this night, the father with welled up tears reminisced the way it all began. He chuckled at the memories of the man wearing his daughter’s ring and how he was once a boy. How he had set his eyes on his daughter from the beginning. How he had dreamed and schemed and made her laugh. How he had in youth had wrapped his arms around his pretty prom date but had planned to love her well until they were together gray.

And how he would, how he will.

Because as fateful, as beautiful, as destined as everything until now had been, it is only now that the real story of their together forever begins.

And if the way they looked at each other was any sort of glimpse, if their party, their celebration was any sort of whisper of anything ahead,

as it all, oh, so most surely is,

I would say theirs will be a love story worth telling.

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