Allison W. + Family. Kansas City Family Photographer.

There's a tender sort of beauty that blooms only in chosen vulnerability.Its velvet petals unfold gently. Its voice is not loud, not clamoring for attention or admiration, and instead there is purpose. And, whether found as sunshine along paths crossed daily or discovered royal, tucked in crevices of heights untouched, this beauty cannot be passed by, never goes unnoticed. Rather, its vibrance sings through grey days. Only this softness holds the last bit of color at dusk. And, this tender vulnerability, it births stilled wonder, rooted strength and inspired purpose to all those it draws in. This raw, authentic beauty, this vulnerability, it, like gold, is precious.

I've seen this beauty recently in a fellow artist, one who I've been blessed enough to call friend. She's one who has always shone. But, graced with the joys and inevitable suffering of motherhood, motherhood twice over in fact in the gift of her twins, she's been bestowed a new light. She's chosen this rare beauty, this honesty.

And, because light shines brightest where there are shadows, like the last blossoms of summer, holding on in the welcome cool of autumn, with face to the sky, she embraces the rain showers. She drinks in Life. And the inspiration, the joy, the gratitude it is delightfully infectious.

And it is beautiful.

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