Amy R. + Family. Kansas City Family Photographer.

One of the most unique gifts of doing what I do is the chance to connect with individuals I would have never been introduced to any other way. We correspond sometimes for months ahead of time, sharing tidbits and insights about loved ones, planning the way to best document love. And so I met Amy. In a world where social media often gives glimpses of a person before I actually ever greet them face to face, I sometimes find it fascinating to "meet" my clients there first. It's true, sending a "friend" request doesn't mean true friendship necessarily, many times it doesn't mean anything at all, but then again, sometimes it does.

Status updates can be meaningless, yes, but, sometimes, just sometimes, they can also reflect the outpouring of one's interests, passions, one's heart. I realize sharing this all is at the risk of sounding quite petty, looking at a screen to even slightly interpret who someone truly is, but in this case, I have to explain. And those who already know Amy, I'm sure, would wholeheartedly agree with what I immediately found so distinctly beautiful.

Where some might post trite remarks daily, silly quips frequently, Amy's "page" wasn't about her. Every posting I glanced through was about someone else,  her profile was about well wishes, heartfelt prayers, selfless donations of her time and efforts to serve someone, the many she loved.

It was quite astounding, actually because here I was finding myself inspired by someone I had never met in person.

But then we did. And her beauty was just what I had already known. I saw within her a calm that had known struggle and, now on the other side, a strength bearing light, carrying hope. With her she brought this same peace, this same humility, and a tender, inspiring sincerity. And this is what I sought to capture, this is what I hoped to tell. This is the story of Amy + her family.


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