Lisa R. + Family. Kansas City Family Photographer.

November's yielded its golden embrace here in Kansas plains.Glistening leaves cling through the breezes, waiting for one final kiss before they make their carpet bed.

And so, with one last day of silkie barefoot toes, before the days of chill and hunker down, wrapped  in vibrant color and autumn shimmer, three held each other, in a way she's grown to know best. The way she fits against her father's steady hold, against his chest, his heart against his own. The way she leans into her mother's gentle sway, the same motion she knew before she breathed, and now matching her breath. The way they've found their us in a way that's only theirs, their delight, their joy, and their sweetest glory.

See Nora Ann's newborn session just nine months ago here, and find Allison Corrin Photography in Kansas City on Facebook here.

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