The golden glory of laughter and dancing and freedom of a family who knows they are loved.

While living the tedious grit and mundane cares of the daily,it becomes easy to lose sight of the heart, the why of what we as families are creating. And yet, as real as the gleaming, glistening grains of Kansas horizon meeting the dusk, the harvest of a life anchored on, lived in and all for love is our promise ahead.

So what if instead of losing ourselves to the weariness, we stepped back to receive the gift of seeing not the missed mark of uniform, manufactured perfection, but a glorious freedom nurtured within and understood by those we have created? What if we filled our hungry eyes with those whose widened searching ones are looking only for our own? What if we surrendered to  the space where unbridled laughter fosters unhindered dreams? What if we embraced tired eyes as knowing eyes and leaning into the space of each other breathed air not only into the lungs, but the heart?

Would this not eclipse chaotic worry and thus allow our lives to overflow with gratitude rather than expectations? Would this not be the greatest gift not only to those who share our flesh and blood but to our very own selves?

And as the documenter of those who have chosen this sort of living, as the one who has been privileged enough to make tangible this sort of stories, while studying the imagery that will come alive for generations to come, I dare to say, dare to believe that this is the greatest inheritance we could ever work to leave behind rippling forever in our wake.

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