The Golden Hour with the Grays and The Adventurers They're Raising

With kind hearts and fierce minds and brave spirits they're raising their tribe.

I've photographed their clan before (see their hot chocolate session here) and admired their business as they've grown it (see their photography rebranding announcement session here). And she in return has given me some of the most precious gifts of my life in documenting our Rosie and Lucy's birth. (see the stories here and here)  But before all of this and all the way in between, it's our friendship that I'm most thankful for.

Because if you know them, you know my dear friends embrace each day for the adventure it could breathe. They don't let the hard things win but press forward leaning into each other. They cherish story and each other and in this way of living bring light to wherever they go, living their legacy in the everyday and now.

And so, our time together was more than simply delighting in the sweet May golden hour. It was documentation the way they fit together. It was a documentation of the way he carries his girl and the way she holds her boys. It was a documentation of her mothering and his fatherhood and the way their children trust them in every moment. It was a documentation of what really matters. See, I want them to look back on these photographs in years down the road and feel soft skin in their hands again, wispy hair against their cheek and hear the laughter like glitter in their memories. I want them to look back on these photographs and remember that although life isn't perfect and it's all never what you think it's going to be, when you choose each other, it all ends up beautiful in the end. Because that's what they're doing, and that is who they are.




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