Aaron + Jamie + The Arrival and Welcome of Ren. Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer.

For thousands of years women have carried the weight, the affliction, agony's groans for the love they've grown,all to bring their heart carried within, their love, to live outside the body. And, in the first days of February, she joined the ranks of these heroines, those who have ached and pained, laboring through the nights while the world slept, suffering through the sorrow that must be born as a mother, freshly birthed herself, brings new life earth-side.

And hers, theirs, is a story of valient fight and radiant beauty, love lived out in the ways she knew best from the beginning. Because the greatest strength is revealed when laid out plans shift, when hopes and dreams and expectations meet the unforeseen, and when choices are made for the greater good, the beginning of the life of sacrifice that is motherhood.

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

There are no words to describe the honor of joining this family in welcoming this baby.

One family of three boys, one family of three girls after friendship forged first and deep and through years, one oldest falling in love with the other oldest, one middle falling in love with the other middle, and together their families of five, as ten together, one army united, unbreakable, unmatchable.

They were around her as she labored, behind him as he worked with her, for her, and while the hours slipped into days, their tender solace never faded, interceding in every moment. Her sisters, their touch her comfort, never left her. Her mother, his mother, were fervent in their care. And the men, gathered, ready, steady in their strength, their devotion. This child, their prize, their joy, will be, as they always have, loved well.

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See Aaron + Jamie + Ren's birth video here.kansascitybirthphotographer_0001 kansascitybirthphotographer_0002 kansascitybirthphotographer_0003 kansascitybirthphotographer_0004 kansascitybirthphotographer_0005 kansascitybirthphotographer_0006 kansascitybirthphotographer_0034kansascitybirthphotographer_0007 kansascitybirthphotographer_0008 kansascitybirthphotographer_0009 kansascitybirthphotographer_0010 kansascitybirthphotographer_0011 kansascitybirthphotographer_0012

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February 3, 2015


And when her son, with rich, moist breath of God divine exhaled in his pink lungs, gasped in life for the very first time, and his flesh melted against her chest, everything of fuzz and soft and tender and reward, home again against her, he was, handed to her a miracle and worth it



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