Annie + Her Girls. Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer.

Her life’s not a simple one these days. In the throes of motherhood it’s messy and busy and, oh, so very full. At a time when she's got three and there’s always someone needing her, someone calling her name. And most of the time the noise is accompanied with dirty fingers, thirty of them usually. And then, sometimes, many times, this all is followed with tears. And, yet, when she hears her name, she answers. Humble, steady, grounded, she always answers.

It’s like she can’t help it. It’s simply who she is. It’s part of her, it’s how she loves. And if you know anything about her, you know she always loves. It’s not just any kind of love and it’s not an easy kind of love because in a world of words, this love’s the difficult kind because it’s genuine. In this world of flight, it’s a fight because it’s loyal. In this world of sentiment, it hurts because it’s real and it’s work. And, yet, still, she loves.

See, I know this all because I’m one of the many who call her name. I’ve called her laughing and she, with fullest joy, rejoices along with me. I’ve called her at night, and I’ve called her crying. She’s born my burden and she’s prayed over my pain. She answers it all without a second thought because she answers all with love.

She’s my go-to friend, my real friend, my friend who loves me well and loves me real.

She's my always friend; she’s my sister. My dear, dear sister, Annie. And these are her girls. patrick_0014 patrick_0015 patrick_0016

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