Baby Annette Elizabeth + Newborn. Kansas Lifestyle Photographer.

It's not that their journey has been or ever will be easy. Stories always include cacophony, the stretch of the unknown, valleys laid out long, sleepless dark nights, trials of transition.We all have felt, know well the pains. And yet, there are those who walk in grace. There are those who speak truth with faith, choosing light. They ground their roots deep in love, exuding beauty in every extension. They welcome, embrace the notes played as music, singing harmony as they tred.

And these are the ones we remember. This is this family. Tucked between country fields in a house whose walls tell a hundred years of stories, they're raising their family in tenderness and intentional dedication. And welcoming their daughter, sweet Annette Elizabeth, Annie-Beth they've already deemed her in delight, they've gathered around her, embraced her gently, with captivated wonder and gratitude. And they are, as five, more greatly, one.

See the film of welcoming Annette Elizabeth home here.

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