Baby Aubrey + Baby Ellie + Introducing the Twins. Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer.

I grew up with a boy who always had a broken bone. Whether it was football tackles or sledding crashes or rough-housing brawls, my childhood memories of him pretty much always include the sporting of some sort of cast. Everything about him was rough and tough and gruff and awesomely…all-boy. It’s what we all understood and loved about him, it was just simply who Sam was, plain and simple.

Through the years, this boy grew up, met his beautiful girl, so soft and dear and gentle and real. And as stories go, they fell in love,  and as awesome as we all thought Sam was, together, they surpassed this, a duo stronger as one. They exude peace together, they draw people in together, they shine together, they love together. Together they created the sweetest family of three with a darling little girl named Emma who stole this all-boy's heart all over again.

Then, just seven months ago, this young family found out their little threesome would be soon be five. It hasn’t been an easy journey, this mighty momma carried her precious miracles longer than many times seemed possible, but just about a week ago, the night they moved into their new home to settle in, the babies decided it was time to meet the world.

Miss Aubrey 3 lbs 4 oz born at 6:03 am + Miss Ellie 4 lbs 2 oz born at 6:04 am, eight weeks early.

It will be a journey ahead, one filled with ups and downs and blessings and trials as they grow for a while monitored and protected, Sam + Hayley, they already shine through it all. Taking it in stride, thankful and joyful and peaceful and beautiful, this NICU seems to be just one more place their little family blesses and ministers to.

Last night, I had the chance to visit them and catch them reuniting their two daughters, holding them together for the first time since they arrived. Pride blossomed as they both beamed over their little peanuts, and they whispered and cooed and admired together. "This is so fun" Hayley kept whispering. "We have such a big family!" They both murmured.

It was beautiful.

And, I couldn’t help but smile to myself as this all-boy childhood friend joined the melty dad-of-girls club...from one to two to now four, his girls have him so tightly, so tenderly, so completely wrapped around their little fingers.

But, honestly, I think there’s no other place he’d rather be.

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