Baby Cameron James + Newborn. Kansas City Newborn Lifestyle Photographer.

This is the place where journey meets redemption.

Bringing a baby home is always a beautiful thing. Introducing him to life ahead, introducing life ahead to the one who will make it just that more complete.

And yet, carrying Baby Cameron through the doors he will call home just a few days after his arrival (see it here) is something even more precious. See, things weren’t quite as smooth for big brother B.

Three and a half years ago, his entrance to the world brought many more tears, many more questions than any momma expects, than any momma dreams. Born at 26 weeks and 2 days, short 13 weeks and 5 days of growing and developing and nurtured safety, he’s a miracle. And yet, from the beginning, he’s possessed a quiet strength. Spending five months in NICU before he was ever carried home, his journey has not been simple or clear. It wasn’t until nearly two years years that he was able to begin uttering any sort of sounds, a tracheotomy still enabling his breathing. And yet in every one of those days his parents were with him, admiring him, adoring him, fighting for hope, fighting for faith, fighting for him. Then, when prayers began to be answered for him, leaning on that same hope, that same faith for another child. And, oh, how sweet this redemption. How sweet the firsts of this second child. The first time to with such earned gratitude walk the path of typical never taking a single expected for granted. These three now four radiate the essence of this oh so rich and rewarding choice. And it is with such sweet thankfulness they introduce Baby Cameron James. babycameron_0002 babycameron_0003 babycameron_0004 babycameron_0005 babycameron_0006 babycameron_0007 babycameron_0008 babycameron_0009 babycameron_0010 babycameron_0011 babycameron_0012 babycameron_0013 babycameron_0014 babycameron_0015 babycameron_0016 babycameron_0017 babycameron_0018 babycameron_0019 babycameron_0020 babycameron_0021 babycameron_0022 babycameron_0023 babycameron_0024 babycameron_0025 babycameron_0026sas

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