Baby Duke + Newborn. Kansas City Newborn Photographer.


The welcome of new life is glorious. The freshness, the promise, the miracle.

But bringing them home. Bringing them in. It's complicated. It's noisy. It's exhausting.

It's completion of the fullest beauty.kansascitynewbornphotographer_0300 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0301 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0302 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0303 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0304 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0305 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0306 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0307 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0308 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0309 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0310 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0311 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0312 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0313 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0314 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0315 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0316 kansascitynewbornphotographer_0317

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