Baby Georgia Christine + Newborn. Kansas City Newborn Lifestyle Photographer.

Sweet Michaela and I shared the dreaming years of friendship. The ones just freshly outside the careful boundaries of home, the ones where everything close and guided and of childhood meets the great expanse of possibility, the ones where the future becomes a reality just around the corner. The ones of a strange in-between life as we giggled through late night dorm whispering, slipper walking the halls, dreaming of the days we would be old and married, with husbands and jobs and lapfuls of babies.

Then years came and went, we each took our paths of travels and schools and moves, found our loves and were wooed. But time has circled round again.

And now we are here together again, feeling a bit older by the day. First hints of grey earned with with jobs worked hard, and perhaps a bit by the husbands we adore and the passing through the newlywed years into the hard stuff where love is grounded deep and dedication is chosen.

And, oh, gentle, genuine Michaela, has her lap now full of babies.

Wrapped round with the love of her life and with her arms full of monster wheels and noisy firetrucks and exuberant snuggles and drooly kisses, her hands tousle her boy’s blonde and tenderly stroke the softness of new life, the cheek of her girl, and you can see it in her eyes, what fills her eyes is what fills her heart,

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