Baby Maddox Charles + Newborn. Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer.

At last you are here. 

Sleeping on my chest. Clutching my tangled hair in your hand. Your dark eyes calm as a lake. Your breathing making me safe.  You who gave birth to this mother. A life. My child. We gave birth to each other. I kiss your face. A million times a day. I sit still and listen. To the whisper of your wisdom. To life, right now. This is love, my love. My son.” -ulrica
Kristin’s been the one for others, to document their love, to immortalize their beginning, to make note of their newness. But, now it’s her turn. It’s her love, her beginning, her newness.
So I joined her on her child’s due date; he had already been here a week.
And his proud father, the man she loves, beamed.
Hovering over his son with adrenaline strength, he would reach for him between musings of pride overflowing for his wife, uncontainable, unquenchable.
Then Kristin, with a softer solidity, a quieter fortitude would stand beside them, her husband, her son, her boys. Her beauty, reborn as mother, completed the fierce force they, as three, created.

And all I could do was observe, attempt to make tangible what would be memorized by the heart.
Introducing Maddox Charles.

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