Capture + The First Workshop. Kansas City Photographer.

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.


The first CAPTURE workshop was filled with goodies, laughter, revelations and practice.

Testimonials from previous CAPTURE participants include:

"Allison has a true ability to teach, and it's clear how much she loves photography. She made me eager to learn more about my camera and capture everyday life."

"Easy to follow structure, and I was comfortable asking questions! I got automatic feedback on my photos in class and loved her covering everyday photo opportunities and how to create those images with the right settings! I love the continuous learning through the manual and group forum!"

"This workshop helped me out so much! I am going to rock my photo-taking skills with every ray of sunshine and use each ounce of light to its highest potential!"

"I had such a great afternoon at the Capture Workshop! Learning about photography can be so overwhelming, but Allison not only led the class in an easy to follow way, but gave us our own beautiful manual written by her! I think this class would be perfect for anyone who is too overwhelmed to use their DSLR on manual or anyone who just wants their photos to look even a smidgen as beautiful as Allison's!"

"Allison loves photography and it shows in her work. She captures perfect little moments between family they get to relive that moment every time they see the picture. I feel so much more confident in how to use my camera after just one class with her. I already am starting to see more opportunities to photograph the simple everyday things with my sweet daughter."

"The class was trendy and personable! Allison is outgoing and pays true attention to what people ask and say to her!"

The January session will be announced soon, stay tuned to our Facebook page for sign-up details.


Curious about CAPTURE | Natural Light Photography workshops?

Where you’ll be: In a simple, small setting, we will sit together, laugh together, practice together and share together while exploring the tool that photography is in embracing your beautiful life.

What you’ll hear: For me, falling in love with photography has not been a short or simple journey. There’s always more to learn, someone further ahead. And, yet, through the imperfection along the way, I’ve more deeply learned the unique gift that it is. Photography has taught me the fleeting nature of our everyday existence and the choice we have to make to see the magic. I’ve learned the precious nature of the “in-between” and the value of the stories told in our images. It is my hope through these workshops to help not only simplify the process of creating grand photographs but to shed light on the richness of your one beautiful life.


What you’ll need: A DSLR camera and an excitement to capture your life in a more intentional way. It will be helpful to have located the buttons and settings on your camera ahead of time as we will focus on how and when to use them.



What you’ll learn: This class will be the most basic and introductory class in a band new series from Allison Corrin Photography. The majority of our time together will be spent on how to shoot in manual mode in various settings in order to create beautiful, meaningful photographs. We will also discuss other valuable considerations in the storytelling of photography. Discussion will be driven by class questions and other insights from participants.


What you’ll do: With my degree in education and after being a classroom teacher for six years, I realize how imperative guided practice is. The class will not only yield time to ask questions and explore the settings on your own camera and in groups, but you’ll receive time to practice step-by-step as well as taking home a booklet of the information we cover.


What you’ll receive: All participants will receive an original booklet I personally wrote and filled with inspiring photographs to share the basics of shooting in manual as well as personal tips as to my philosophy of photography and story-telling strategies. As all would agree, the majority of your learning and growth will take place as you continue to practice. Therefore, perhaps one of the most valuable assets of participating in an Allison Corrin Photography is the chance to join an exclusive online forum only open to Allison Corrin Photography workshop participants. This space will serve as a private group to continue the learning by sharing images, questions and growth as well as in order to receive feedback from other workshop participants. I will also continue to post tips, challenges and provide helpful feedback to the group going forward.


What you’ll feel: There won’t be a trite question; there won’t be a wrong answer. In a relaxed, simple setting, you’ll feel encouraged, excited and empowered to practice with your camera and leave enlightened to the beauty in your everyday.

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Sign ups are announced on Facebook and fill quickly. Interested participants should leave their PayPal email address in the comments of the Facebook announcement. I invoice the first ten with the *nonrefundable* deposit; it must be paid within 4 hours to reserve the spot. The remaining 50% will be paid at the workshop. If invoices are not paid in this timeframe, the spot is forfeited and the next PayPal address will be invoiced. Once the class is full, participants will receive a survey over their photography background and interest to help me develop further content for the workshop.

Additional workshops will be scheduled in the near future including Connect which will assume comfort with shooting in manual and focus on additional strategies for lighting, storytelling, photographing children and building relationships with subjects.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions by email or using the contact on our website.

How you can prepare:  Check the link here for an incredible deal of a resource in the meantime!


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