Five Reasons I Shoot Every Day.

As humans, we have a heart created to live in adoration.Our spirits are meant to sing. And while finding the niche to do so is a lifelong journey, what a beautiful harmony our world would find if we could, with our unique vibrant voices, live freely, live fully and join chorus in unison. For me, I've learned the camera serves as a sort of breath to my song.

I'm approaching four years in business this summer…four years immersed in this grand privilege of making the tangible evidence of a heart's passions…


And, as easy as it would be to become callous to what once excited, to grow dis-enamored with what once delighted, I've found a practice that instead grounds appreciation for the gift that photography is.

To avoid photography burnout, I shoot everyday. 

 While it may seem counterintuitive, let me explain.

Shooting everyday means some days I document with just one image, others I may spend some time in what can be a very spiritual expression of worship.

Shooting everyday means some days it's the light I embrace, others the emotion, others the movement, others the story. Documenting my own stories of motherhood here allows me to let go of the need for every photography rule and simply shoot from the heart.

Shooting everyday means sometimes I'm grabbing my phone that's nearest, others I go ahead and pull out the heavy equipment I've learned to keep handy. There are times I've photographed  images that I know will hang for decades in my home while simultaneously being tucked away in secret treasured places of my heart, and other times, they're simple mementos of childhood's journey.  Either way, I shoot every day for five reasons.


1. Shooting every day teaches observation. From the billow of steam over a bubbling pot, to the flickering dance of a yellow lit wick, to the crimson slivers of gold streaming sunrises to the studious pause of a child surrendered to their dreams, the art of photography is the practice of observation. It’s the sorting of everything busy and technical to preserve what is simple and treasured.

2. Shooting every day awakens wonder. Where the mundane can dull and the routine can callous, a camera forces one to look for the light. Regardless of where it hides or how shadows may fall, picking up the camera forces one to seek and in doing so, curiosity is engaged and wonder is peaked.

3. Shooting every day enforces gratitude. Photography doesn’t look ahead for more or to the past in bittersweet longing. Rather, it chooses pause and engagement in the present. It brings appreciation of the now. It invites one to savor the simple, cherish the details, breathe the lovely, embrace the ordinary and live fully thankful.

4. Shooting every day frees inhibitions. Shooting every day means taking photographs when things aren’t perfect. It means mess and mistakes. It challenges the limitations we’ve abided by, the boundaries we’ve created and opens the door to sensational possibilities. The ability to navigate a variety of situations and settings will feel increasingly natural as the camera becomes an extension of one’s appendage, one’s voice, one’s heart.

5. Shooting every day documents growth. The journey is challenging. Learning to still one’s soul, seek the light, engage in the present and embrace what is are skills not learned easily or quickly. However, photographs serve as tangible evidence of the spirit’s bloom, a sort of pencil scratching in the soul’s journaling. Shooting every day not only creates a broad portfolio of solidified skills, mastered techniques and documented beauty, but it documents the personal metamorphosis along the way.


"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." -AS

This deep gratitude I have for photography has inspired not only the documentation of our own journey, but the Allison Corrin Photography workshop series launched this fall in Kansas City. More information can be found here.

To follow my photography, like the Allison Corrin Photography page here.

For behind the scenes glimpses, fine me on Instagram here.

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