Jeff + Erica + Ben + Introducing Luke Adam. Kansas City Fresh 48 Photographer.

Nineteen months and some days ago, my dear friend Erica who I've had the sweet privilege of photographing before documented the expansion of our own crew when we welcomed our Lucy Lynn.

She later shared the story of the introduction of her own little brother, expressed with the following tender sentiments of childhood...

The morning of his birth,  my older brother and I woke up at my dad’s house, where we were every weekend, in the same city as the hospital where my mom was in labor. I remember waking up, putting on my favorite summer outfit of yellow shorts (it was July) and eating my favorite donut — my dad knew I loved the chocolate iced bavarian cream filled variety from Dunkin Donuts. It was shaping up to be a great day. We went with my aunt to the hospital, where we got to visit my mom, hear the baby’s heartbeat, and then do a few hours of waiting in the waiting room with grandparents and other family members. I was instructed to wash my hands at least ten times. I remember listening outside the delivery room, our ears pressed to the door, until a nurse flung open the door holding a flailing little body. My little brother was here. It’s a memory forever seared in my mind.

Now, her son's memories of meeting his own brother won't be quite so vivid. Two years old in all its greatness will all be just a blur. Chances are, he won't remember anything about these first few hours of his wide, blue-eyed wonder, dimpled knuckles patting softly against the plumpest of less than day young skin of the one he'll tackle and wrestle and defend the rest of his life. More than likely he won't remember the autumn blossom he handed his beautiful mother when he first walked in, eyes first only for her, the orange she then peeled as motherhood never takes a breath, but only expands in duty and responsibility and exponentially in joy. But, where memory fades to stories repeated nearly ritualistically over holiday meals and late night musings, through tears and laughter and solidified bonds of family ties, cherished through years and generations, photographs will whisper their witness of the delight, the tenderness, the pride of the day when Ben met Luke. And, in their own sweet, simple way, reveal light, nurture love, and cultivate gratitude.

This is the story of Jeff + Erica + introducing the brothers, Ben + Luke.

See the film of their new family of four's introduction here.

Find Allison Corrin Photography on Facebook here.

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