Jenn Marasco + Family. Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer.

"She's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker. She sees possibility everywhere."

Anyone who knows Jenn Marasco, admires the peace, the calm, the strength that she is. And her husband, in his devotion, her boys, in their wild, her daughter, in her joy, their adoration is so very evident, but their respect for the rock that she is is what is so striking.

She’s a dreamer, and a believer, a goal-setter and an achiever. And it’s only the beginning. Because women like her, their impact doesn’t stay within walls. Their influence, it ripples and equips, continues and empowers. And, as busy and full as her life is, she’s strong and brave and committing her voice to the women around her. Jenn Marasco Real Health launched this week as a Wellness Coaching blog looking to defend and liberate women to take charge of their health, to embrace their confidence.

And spending a morning with her, I couldn’t be more inspired by her mission -

“My passion for health and wellness started in college. Growing up, I had always been active but slowly, I began to use this as an excuse to ignore the reality that I was not taking care of my body now that I was on my own. I started to realize how unhealthy my daily habits were, lack of sleep, overeating, indulging in sweets. So, I begin to make slow changes. I remember that I would focus on changing one thing every week. One week I would start drinking more water. Another week I would focus on drinking green tea in the evening instead of a coke. I begin to feel better. I had more energy, and I had more confidence.

My personal commitment to health has been a journey. I’ve had to get to a point where I realize that being healthy is not about other’s approval or opinions. It’s not even for my husband! I’ve had to come to a place where I am not motivated by anything but a commitment to being the best I can be. I’ve had to make a commitment to myself.

As women and especially as a moms, it's hard to fight for our wellness. We are often so occupied with caring for those that we love, we rarely take time to think about what we need to do to take care of ourselves. As a wellness coach, I want to encourage women that not only is this for our own good, but, actually, taking care of ourselves empowers and enables us to better care for those we love. Simultaneously, I’m so aware of and heart-broken by all the wrong messages and lies that we hear every day as women and moms. We hear that in order to be healthy we must, be skinner, work for the thigh gap, dress sexier, the list goes on, more and more overwhelming and unattainable as it continues. When it comes down to it, society will never be satisfied with our bodies. Our bodies will never be good enough. Standards will always change, opinions will always differ, and Photoshop, well it’s not going anywhere. It’s exhausting; we are exhausted. And it’s all so empty. None of those things will ever be satisfied or satisfy us.

We have looked at these factors as measures of our health for too long. It’s time to fight for REAL HEALTH. It’s time to consider health as not a clothing size or number on a scale, but a whole person. It’s time to choose health through an attainable lifestyle, balanced rest and activity, well-rounded eating habits, a clear mind, and soul that is at peace.

For a long time I’ve believed that women need to hear a voice that whatever takes place on the outside is not the goal. But now, I’m ready to be a voice for women, coming alongside them in the goal of taking care of ourselves. I’m ready to help them figure out small, possible steps every day that make us healthier. I’m ready to fight for better health that allows us to engage our families with more energy, be more effective in our jobs, and find more joy in the day to day.”

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