Nick + One Year Old. Kansas City's Lifestyle Photographer.


We have our secret special nooks, the corners we find quiet comfort, the windows we peer through when the rain beats down; we know where the warm light will greet us when clouds clear.

It's where we dream dreams, where we plan feats, our refuge to replenish when days are long, and when adventures tire, the safe place in a loud world.

The intimacy of an invitation into someone's home is a beautiful responsibility, and Mr. Nick was such a handsome host to me on his first birthday. We explored and played, and big sister was just as lovely through our morning together.

Thank you, sweet family for welcoming me in your life over the last year to watch him grow, and, Mr. Nick,

your enthusiasm, your laughter, your kisses tell me you know it already so well,

but you've got a beautiful life ahead, my dear.

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