The Capture Workshop + January Workshop. Kansas City Photography Workshop.

Each reason for attending was a note, a vital piece of the music, a fresh perspective, a renewed energy, a day of careful learning, embraced growth, or perhaps, to listen and breathe and be. But together, we were harmony, and the music was simply, lovely.

CAPTURE Workshops are the first in the CULTIVATE series from Allison Corrin Photography

The CAPTURE workshop is designed to encourage, excite and empower photographers, hobbyists and business owners alike, to appreciate the beauty in their everyday.

CAPTURE focuses on photography's technical components including shooting in manual mode indoors and outdoors in order to create beautiful, meaningful photographs. CAPTURE  also discusses other valuable considerations in the storytelling of photography.

Participants will be provided a delicious, light brunch and receive an original booklet written by Allison with the information discussed, full of beautiful photographs to inspire future shooting. Participants will also be invited to join a private online forum for personalized tips and critiques as they move forward in their skill and practice.

Please see our page on Facebook here for more information on how to be a part of the next CAPTURE workshop.

Our luxurious luncheon was provided by Shining Stars Catering and was absolutely scrumptious.

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Photo Credit to : Erica May Short of Anecdotally Yours.

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