Unruh Furniture + The Tour. Kansas City Lifestyle Photography.

I've had the opportunity to tell Sam's story several times now. When his twin girls were born, and as they welcomed them home, his tender compassion and dedicated admiration shone in every image. So spending a day with him, getting to see the behind the scenes of another passion of his was such a privilege. Sam has been working with his hands ever since he can remember and he continues now to channel his rural roots, building the one-of-a-kind, tastefully weathered pieces that are known throughout Kansas City as Unruh Furniture. His hand-crafted pieces are beyond unique and striking, his space is one rich with talent and inspiration, and together it is all, an art.

"I started this business on a passion for making beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces from the boards up. I was working a job I didn’t love and my wife was a few months pregnant with our first when she encouraged me to quit what I was doing and start making furniture for a living. I thought she was crazy (and still do) but I did it and it slowly turned into a little business. I now have three full-time employees and we spend the week together hand-crafted pieces of furniture. We all genuinely love what we do.

Please come visit us. Our address is 12822 7th Street, Grandview, MO 64030, and we love visitors!"unruhworkshop_0001 unruhworkshop_0002 unruhworkshop_0003 unruhworkshop_0004 unruhworkshop_0005 unruhworkshop_0006 unruhworkshop_0007 unruhworkshop_0008 unruhworkshop_0009 unruhworkshop_0010 unruhworkshop_0011 unruhworkshop_0012 unruhworkshop_0013 unruhworkshop_0014 unruhworkshop_0015 unruhworkshop_0016 unruhworkshop_0017 unruhworkshop_0018 unruhworkshop_0019 unruhworkshop_0020

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