When Cora + Nellie Became Sisters

There's a unparalleled serenity within the sleeplessness of the first days...when fuzzy limbs and flaky toes and curled wrists and milky warm cheeks fold against a mama's worn body.

When starry nights collide with grey days and sunshine alike because the hours are just plain long and full. But when arms wrap around two bodies for the first time, watching dimpled knuckles extend towards the one who will share secrets and joys and tears and adventures past a lifetime into legacy, when you realize being enough to go around is simply not the question because they are, as they always were, within you, and all of you is wrapped up in them. Yes these days may not be the quiet days, but the magic is breathable, the beginning singable, and it all is a story worth telling. kansascityphotographer_0200kansascityphotographer_0201kansascityphotographer_0202kansascityphotographer_0203kansascityphotographer_0204kansascityphotographer_0205kansascityphotographer_0206kansascityphotographer_0207kansascityphotographer_0208kansascityphotographer_0209kansascityphotographer_0210kansascityphotographer_0211kansascityphotographer_0212kansascityphotographer_0213kansascityphotographer_0214kansascityphotographer_0215kansascityphotographer_0216kansascityphotographer_0217kansascityphotographer_0218kansascityphotographer_0219kansascityphotographer_0220kansascityphotographer_0221kansascityphotographer_0222kansascityphotographer_0223kansascityphotographer_0224kansascityphotographer_0225kansascityphotographer_0226kansascityphotographer_0227kansascityphotographer_0228kansascityphotographer_0229kansascityphotographer_0230



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