One of the first days at home with oh so little Miss Olivia Bee whose parents treasured and adored and rejoiced over her together.

It's the nuances that slay me.The way the new father quietly motioned to the tender touches he had designed, the glass, the wood, twinkling lights, pieces he had dreamed and created with beauty for the beauty he already loved. The way a woman, now arrived in radiance as a mother, gently traced features and locks of the miracle she held in her arms, sang hushes of peace to her between the squirms and stretches as little limbs and found place and oxygen in this new world.

It's these first words of this chapter, the thrilling beginning of a turn in their story that holds the loveliness of their memories and humbles my heart in the way that it has cemented theirs as one. And someday when this time is gone, days but a blur in the mind, together they'll look back at these photographs, look back at the film and feel it all again, the magic of these new days together as three.


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