Tiny and perfect Claire Evelyn and the tender completion of beauty she brings to her family.

There's a softness that unfolds, a tenderness that blossoms,when a little one joins the world. And watching their parents fall in love despite sleepy eyes, hearts full and humbled and thankful, it's the greatest joy. Just twelve months of sharing a last name, bringing their stories to breathe in one dream, glimmering in the admiration their glances held, tangible in the way their lips pressed into each other, this life in their arms, tiny and perfect, lashes deep and dark and long, their creation, their delight, with so much greatness still to come. kansascitynewbornphotographer_1000kansascitynewbornphotographer_1001kansascitynewbornphotographer_1002kansascitynewbornphotographer_1003kansascitynewbornphotographer_1004kansascitynewbornphotographer_1005kansascitynewbornphotographer_1006kansascitynewbornphotographer_1007kansascitynewbornphotographer_1008kansascitynewbornphotographer_1009kansascitynewbornphotographer_1010kansascitynewbornphotographer_1011kansascitynewbornphotographer_1012kansascitynewbornphotographer_1013kansascitynewbornphotographer_1014kansascitynewbornphotographer_1015kansascitynewbornphotographer_1016kansascitynewbornphotographer_1017kansascitynewbornphotographer_1018kansascitynewbornphotographer_1019kansascitynewbornphotographer_1020kansascitynewbornphotographer_1021kansascitynewbornphotographer_1022kansascitynewbornphotographer_1023kansascitynewbornphotographer_1024

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