Welcoming Olivia Marie to her big brothers, curly blonde Tommy and pup, Cooper.

Oh these soft babies.The tender, fragile skin, the rose-leaf softness inviting a finger's touch. And in living with them, loving them, feeling the softness going inward, the round-cheeked flesh wobbly as custard, the boneless splay of the tiny hands, joints melted rubber, in kissing them hard, holding them against you, melting and molding, as though they might at any moment flow back into your body, you find the passion of loving their existence.

-paraphrased from Diana Gabaldon

In the chaos of newness and fragility of being poured out, let it all never be lost on us that these delicate, tender beings are miracles, precious souls  tucked within real people, greatness in our arms.  kansascitynewbornphotographer_7000kansascitynewbornphotographer_7001kansascitynewbornphotographer_7002kansascitynewbornphotographer_7003kansascitynewbornphotographer_7004kansascitynewbornphotographer_7005kansascitynewbornphotographer_7006kansascitynewbornphotographer_7007kansascitynewbornphotographer_7008kansascitynewbornphotographer_7009kansascitynewbornphotographer_7010kansascitynewbornphotographer_7011kansascitynewbornphotographer_7012kansascitynewbornphotographer_7013kansascitynewbornphotographer_7014kansascitynewbornphotographer_7015kansascitynewbornphotographer_7016


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