A decade with my friend, my dearest love.

It's baffling to think about the blind commitment made when two become one. To put stock in a promise encompassing all the heart and soul and body without any comprehension of what even just tomorrow could bring. To join bodies and life with another completely flawed being, one birthed and raised differently with all the background and baggage you'll never quite understand. And them to somehow vow to do the same for you. What stupidity it seems to think that simple words sworn make a home, a family, a life, a heritage. Many things change from when one is twenty, and other things will never change.But that's where the miracle of marriage shines brighter than human understanding. Because when everything else gets loud, or if it all fades away, one thing I will never question. Marriage is divine and ordained and thus worth fighting for.

Ten years you've done this, gently seeing past my failures and walls, reminding me of joy and peace and truth. You've had such grace in cherishing my dreams and inviting me into your own. Our first decade is now written - Trips, travels and tears. Houses, jobs and prayers. Goodbyes, funerals and firsts and, oh, our precious children. We've seen a lot, but I thank the Lord not all of it yet. And come the good years and gray years, the hard times and hilltops, I know where I want to be- forever hand in hand, pressed up against your side, breathing the dreams and adventure and ordinary, all life alike, in love with you.


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Ten years have held much, my love, and my heart is so very full. 

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