A quiet little road trip to a city tucked up between bluffs of nostalgia.

"When it's over, I want to say: all my lifeI was a bride married to amazement." -Mary Oliver

I've shared the delight my heart finds in space of dust and age.

kansascityphotography_0014 And it is no secret how my soul seeks and swoons in story. kansascityphotography_0020 So when I had the chance to trip back to a city my mama knows by heart kansascityphotography_0029to document the love story of someone I love to call family as she married her sweetheart in a garden, kansascityphotography_0040despite babes and busyness, and busyness and babes,

kansascityphotography_0018 we found a way to make it happen.

kansascityphotography_0027So packing up just the littlest of my crew for a few hours in the car, we found a special little place with a view of the river and floors that creak of history,




where the porch is made for slowing


and sitting kansascityphotography_0004and breathing kansascityphotography_0003and being romanced by nostalgia. kansascityphotography_0002She drove me to the house she would get to by train, where her grandpa picked her up from the train stop and, together, with cousins like sisters, they would roam and discover adventure.

kansascityphotography_0019All of that and we shared stories.


Which don't come without tears.


Mostly happy ones.


And some rich with prayers.


And some happy, prayerful tears.kansascityphotography_0009kansascityphotography_0010

It's how we've always been.


Because though the time was a chance for me to create and reflect and connect in a place that made my heart skip beat,kansascityphotography_0012










It paused my steps for just a breath, and with all that lies behind and within and ahead, rooted the gratitude for what is

kansascityphotography_0039just that much deeper.



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