We spent a morning making bread. With someone pink donned in princess dress, another half-clothed in slept-in pajama bottoms and another in his sister's outgrown jeans.


It's just how things are done around here, really.

Pick and choose your battles.

bread_0002And though these photos don't show the spilled flour, included egg shells and tears over turns,

they're how things are done around here as well.


But I wanted them to make bread.

Just like I did with my great-granny Annie and grandma Bonnie and my mom,

to smell the sweet yeast rising in the warmth bubbling bigger with each peek.

bread_0004 bread_0005 bread_0006 bread_0007 bread_0008 bread_0009bread_0010

Rolling it round and pressing it smooth, turning it, pulling it, working it,

"soft as a baby's bottom" my granny used to say, her tough, worn greyed fingers digging deep in then flat palm spanking it just to make us laugh.bread_0011 bread_0012 bread_0013 bread_0014

She lived right on the corner of a ten home town,

and every time you descended the Missouri hill and pulled across the railroad tracks but before you even turned the corner to the spread front porch, white swing rocking,

the same one I see my grandpa on every time I remember him,

you knew her bread was already baking, it always was; and though the scent made mouths water for miles, the aroma of home was what welcomed.

There was always enough for one more, and always accompanied by something else, homemade and fresh and warm, ready and plated up, in front of you, seated, before you even realized you were hungry, even if you weren't hungry.


It wasn't just a hefty snack or carb-heavy entree, it was her welcome, her appreciation, her "I've missed you" all wrapped up into one butter dripped plate.

bread_0016 bread_0017

It's simply the way she was, who she was created her from the beginning to be, living the mission, passion full,

living to feed, living to give.

It's the stories like these that shape my prayers, shape my dreams of who I hope to be as a mother for the girls, the women, the boys, the men I raise.

The greatest hope for a legacy.


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