When all was dark and formless, void, God created.It was the first act recorded within the words that hold my faith, my heart.

Created. The production of artistic work.

In a culture mesmerized by the visual, the title of artist, the claim to this act sounds daunting, exclusive to those who achieve accolades with their performances.

But I believe it's within each of us, this desire, this potential to create.

If we pause, could it be that we've felt it from the womb?


And could it be that whether it is through fashioning patterns with numbers or lines or flour and salt and sugar or piecing together harmonies of music or pencil scratchings of letters and words and sentences or crafting relationships with chemical mixtures or fabrics and stitches or even human hearts, this is the answer to the desperate need that pulls within?


Simply put, I believe this immense desire to create is one divinely hidden within us because we ourselves are God's finest, most beloved handiwork. And by allowing whatever has been created and placed within us to flow freely from us, uninhibited by any sort of fear, real or imagined, it is then that we most clearly reflect the Creator Himself.


"Christ, who is there in the beginning, the voice calling out of darkness, an echo in cosmic emptiness, speaks it by the commanding word of His mouth: Let there be... Let there be light and land and living beasts...

But you? You alone were formed by the huddle of hearts: Let US make human beings.

The authority of God made all of creation. But it was the affection of God that made all His children. 


The three persons of the Trinity- Father God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit- gathered close together to imagine you. And God in three persons, uncontainable affection, knelt down and kissed warm life into you with the breath of His love.

You are made of the dust of this world, and you are made of the happiness of Heaven, and you are flesh and you are spirit, and you are of two worlds longing for the home of forever and Him."*


If we allow ourselves to feel it, to move past the voices that say can't or shouldn't, it's an overwhelmingly romance.

Our spirits long deeply, need wholly to express the Richness, the Imagination, the Holiness that has birthed life within us as we have the very Epitome of creativity breathed into us. We, as living art, must exhale.


In our most intimate selves we know we have been fashioned for a purpose. We have a purpose that desperately essential. And it is because of this conviction, because it is rooted in the very deepest places of hopes and awareness, we too often face that which would shadow our sheen at every turn.


Our hearts, heavy with the yearning to unfold and be heard, weighted by the desire to function in our fullest capacity, realizing the depth of the potential we carry in our specific giftings, too often tremble at the thought of being laid bare and vulnerable if we were to live with abandon, create uninhibited in our giftings.


Too often we look around and face intimidation. Too often we look within and face insufficiency.

kansascityphotographer_0010But when we look up?

When we look up, we see and are filled by Fulfillment, the First and Truest Artist Himself.
kansascityphotographer_0009Because when we exhale with what has been breathed into us, it's not because of us, it's not for us.
kansascityphotographer_0012I believe that
painting, baking, singing, speaking, writing, listening, computing, crafting, breathing, creating freely as we were created to do is the purpose of this life, as it is the epitome of worship.
kansascityphotographer_0013And when we gaze towards and inhale only True Beauty, our souls are renewed, empowered to exhale the Beauty hidden within us. And it is only then that our lives will radiate beyond the ripple, extending infinite circles of influence and testimony and blessing outward into generations of lifetimes to come. kansascityphotographer_0014

 *The Greatest Gift, Ann Voskamp

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