Their gifts are tucked away in secret somewhere.I'm actually not even sure where they're at.


I found the two empty sacks strewn in the corner of the hallway, forgotten in lieu of the excitement of the day.


She told him she knew a secret place they could stash them until Christmas. So, like he does, he followed her lead. dollar_0003

But she's a good one to follow.dollar_0004

They made each other promise not to peek. Back and forth teasing each other but repeating the promise as they went.

All while giggling through their adoration of the other. And the two littles after them.


Thus our date of three to spend five dollars each was one full of possibilities and considerations,dollar_0006

discussion over each of those they were buying for,

mom, dad, and their three siblings.

That being said, it wasn't without occasional redirection,dollar_0007a reminder of self sacrifice, though it would not be without longing.


But finally, the oh so difficult decisions were made,dollar_0010

 stashed in green basket and rung up.dollar_0011

Just one little waydollar_0012

we're trying to simplify the asking, lessen the expectation for receiving,dollar_0013

in order to prioritize the consideration and sharpen the generosity.dollar_0014December seems the perfect time to give this chance to practice.

Because we're all still learning.


"We can think of ourselves not as teacher, but as gardeners.  A gardener does not 'grow' flowers; he tries to give them what he thinks they need and they grow by themselves." -John Hold

Quote introduced to me by the Wild & Free  community.

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