Here's to how each year, each Christmas feels a little different than the one before.


Here's to a new set of twinkly eyes, or others more excited as they now know what it means to count down.


Here's to starting December not quite sure how we were going to make time to actually dig out the decorations this year.


Here's to the fact that it's been over two weeks after when I wish it would have happened, and to realizing we needed to set a date with ourselves to make it happen so it really does.


Here's to the fact that this delay doesn't reflect how we really feel about the season.


Here's to the Saturday morning we did end up making it all happen, one clothed in sweats to small, another in mismatched pajamas, and another in a princess dress, cardigan, snowy leggings and rainbow knee socks.

Here's to nine years now of buying a single special ornament, hoping to fill a whole tree someday with our gratitude for what each set of twelve months have held.


Here's to our first Christmas together, and the year we threw parties, and the one where my belly was full of our first, her first ornament, the ones for her brothers, the one when I left teaching and photography was the endeavor and Lucy's slippers that hang for the first time this year.


And here's to realizing we never got around to one last year. And already broke one this year.


Here's to the special moments in between the normal moments.


Here's to realizing whether the moments are full of lessons and whines or stories and squeals, they're all special.


Here's to these four.


And here's to her first Christmas.

Here's to stringing up the lights outdoors, wrapping them 'round and flipping them on.


And here's to the second time when they all worked and all the lovely words said in-between.


Here's to the man I fell in love with eleven seasons ago. Here's to the Christmas concert he road-tripped me back home to three days after we met. And the lights we drove through. And how everything was so magical. Here's to him finishing up the festivities on his own this year, cleaning up the mess we all left behind.

Here's to Christmas time being here.

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