Kit + The Freely Given Movement.

Six months ago, there was a Monday like any other.

Except for a little girl Kit, and her parents. Who were changed in a phone call, in a diagnosis, in a day.

freelygivenmovement_0002 Diagnosed with Leukemia a few weeks before her third birthday, the next few years will mean tests and prodding, elevators and white coats, hallways and pills,

freelygivenmovement_0003 and hours upon days on their knees. I began telling their story as a chance to share the light they've chosen,

freelygivenmovement_0004 the way they've committed to holding on to hope, no matter what may come.

freelygivenmovement_0005 But along the way, something even greater has been born.

My heart has been changed, my eyes opened, and hand in hand with my husband, we've given ourselves to what started as a whisper, but has turned into a delightful beckoning, to enter into a new way to give, just as we have received, freely.


A movement for community. One story at a time. Freely Given.

The Freely Given Movement exists to help identify and be a voice for local families that have found themselves in the midst of a valley, an unexpected crisis. The Freely Given Movement gives neighbors, friends, family and complete strangers the opportunity to build a unified community of love, encouragement, and support. To meet in identified specific need of the family in crisis, financial support will be raised through the sale of high quality, limited edition apparel designed by local artists. Along the way, The Freely Given Movement will utilize photography, blogging and the viral power of social media to capture and inspire the community, documenting the progress of each story beginning to end.

Please find our hearts poured out in the story on our website here. Find us on Facebook here and Instagram here. Watch Kit's story on film here.

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