While summer is sustained by splashing and sweat, criss-crossing tan lines and popsicle drippings, Kansas is taking her sweet time catching up to the times...


And so, we've spent a few more days inside than expectedlibrary_0002

appreciating cozy mornings under blankets and bookslibrary_0003

watching drops from the window and imagining angels applauding bowling teams in the thunder. library_0004

And keeping our reads plenty and fresh. library_0005

And while it's a scene taking these four out anywhere by myself,library_0006

and while I tend to be greeted with raised eyebrows and sympathetic glances,library_0007

chuckles from those who have been there just yesterday,library_0008

and while I can imagine the comedy will grow even more entertaining as my belly swells, library_0009

it's a joy to watch their "you-ness" blossom, library_0010

their "us-ness" flourish. library_0011As they build their memories of who chose the dino books and who scoured for princesses,library_0012

who couldn't whisper for their life, and who kept it all in check,library_0013

who had to carry the backpack and who ventured out on their own,library_0018

all a part of their own stories they'll tell someday.library_0014

But in the meantime, I'll admirelibrary_0015

and beam with pridelibrary_0016

tucking these moments away in my momma mind. library_0017

Thankful for every day between then and now,library_0019

even the chilly, gloomylibrary_0020

cloudy ones. library_0021Don't forget to check out our Gratitude Giveaway here going on until June 5th! 

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