"Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him"Psalm 34:8

The same one who ordains the paintings of the sky, painting it with fierce devotion gold, strokes of rich and royal scarlet simply to sing His love, whispers in the ordinary, tucking miracles into the mundane.

And such was our morning, made alive with sunshine and syrup and a little more time together than normal.

And our sweet friend, Erica, spent some time with us, documenting what we treasure most, prayer over pancakes, sharing the cleanup, lessons between snuggles and all the juggling that is our everyday.

And while  cloth napkins are usually saved for special occasions, and shirt sleeves typically suffice, and the flowers that were fresh, are now already wilted, the most lasting beauty isn't found in these. But rather, in the lingering around our table, just even a few moments, the way they lean into each other, even if it's short lived before mediation must be brought in, the way he cares for us all, though unity is always a choice and the messy, noisy, confusing, chaotic, tearful, precious brood we've been given. Because, for better or for worse, it's our life.

See, I’ve heard it said, comparison is the thief of joy. And if this is true, perhaps, then, it is the choice of contentment, the grasping of gratitude that is joy's sustenance.

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