"It isn't all as hard as the experts make out. We are human beings, persons, created to live. To have life more abundantly. Wonder together; grow together. Together share the struggles of knowing that we cannot perfectly follow God's law.We are fellow pilgrims. We walk side-by-side as human beings under the love and authority of Him who made us." -For the Children's Sake

I've found an incredible amount of humbling inspiration within the words of a book written the year I was born. And older still are the roots from which its written, based on the thoughts and practices of a woman who lived more than a hundred years ago. allisoncorrinphotography_0003But I find the reflections still fresh, freshly stilling. "Children are born a person." was her foundational philosophy. allisoncorrinphotography_0004Seemingly simple, but profound upon meditation.

allisoncorrinphotography_0009Because within this statement is the same reverence from which I believe the Good Shepherd spoke "Let the little children come to me."

allisoncorrinphotography_0010And so, here we are in our pilgrimage alongside our little lambs. allisoncorrinphotography_0011

 Some hours spent within the companionship of imagination.allisoncorrinphotography_0013


And others celebrating wonder side by side.allisoncorrinphotography_0017allisoncorrinphotography_0019allisoncorrinphotography_0020allisoncorrinphotography_0021allisoncorrinphotography_0022allisoncorrinphotography_0023

All in efforts to, whether  in the spaces of margin or in the rhythm of fullness, allisoncorrinphotography_0024

more deeply appreciate the nuances of these blossoming souls allisoncorrinphotography_0025

who have so marvelously been entrusted to us.


This is our living, our wondering, our growing, our abundance.



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