Our first few days of summer.

Gifted five of these precious lambs to nurture for these years, may it never be lost on me how unique their souls, how individual their hearts and what a privilege it is to witness them each as they so tenderly blossom.

Another photographer said it best when she perused photographs of her family, reminiscing the lessons as of late.


For her, for us, the season had contained the fullness of the daily's ebb and flow.


And yet, when she documented her life in snapshots,


making just one photograph each day, allisoncorrinphotography_8004

regardless of sunshine or rain,


heat or clouds,


and then reflected on those images, allisoncorrinphotography_8007

it all painted such a different picture than she realized.

Because, when you step back, these images, they're suddenly more. They don't tell simply highlight the weary days versus the sunny days, in fact they barely give nod to those details at all. allisoncorrinphotography_8008

But rather, they whisper of unfolding hearts,


telling the story of mighty friendships.


They document the nurturing of great dreams allisoncorrinphotography_8011

and twinkling imaginations. allisoncorrinphotography_8012

They represent the knitting of unparalleled faith


and asked for and answered prayers.allisoncorrinphotography_8014

And, these images, they give testimony to each of us, all of us, growing up. allisoncorrinphotography_8015

We are truly but vessels of clay, fragile pottery.

However, we are not empty.

We contain great treasure, bright illumination, in order to to make it exceptionally, inarguably clear that this great, all-encompassing power is nothing of us, but, rather, spoken and breathed by our good, good omniscient Father.

And thus now, this gifted inheritance is completely and utterly ours.

And, with confidence and joy, we can freely and boldy bask in the truth that where there is deep insufficiency, even black darkness, there greater grace not just surpasses and overcomes, but abounds most. 

.Paraphrased from 2 Cor 4:7, Rom 5:20.

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